Group project  „LandAquisition“
floating island 
ca. 70 m²
6. Semester Design
Guestprofessor Ion Sorvin (N55)


Our purpose  was the reclamation of land with a public use, that is to say the development of floating platforms as an urban open space for public participation and meeting.


This is a follow–up of the „Right of city“– movement (germ.: „Recht–auf–Stadt“) that has become known not just in Hamburg, and goes beyond  the regional frontiers and has become an object of public discourse in the last months.

ganze Insel


My contribution to the teamwork was the development of a stringing-system for the planes and nets, to build and seam them, as well as the development and the production of the gardenbeds.


Basic structure:

The platform does not become stable, unless the different modules are connected. Until then it can grow to all sides: The construction of the modules is kept easy, so that everyone can copy them and dock them to the platform. Also other forms of floatable structures are able to connect.



Struktur AufbauVerbindung GruppenarbeitTest Land

zu wasser lassen


The generated frames of the modules are strung together with diverse materials, such as nets and planes for resting and plates for a solid ground, to bulid a new floor.


div.MaterialienPlanen HerstellungNetz Rauten


Cushions out of felt, that work as a plant carrier, are attached to the modules and are floating on the watersurface.


They form the bases of self–supply with self–cultivated food.


Net vault:

The nets are strung together on slats to overlap parts of the platform. The net is used as a basic framework to attatch sunshades, lights, water tanks to take showers and so on. Tent and copula construction serve as a shelter, place to be or floating common kitchen.